Enterprise Digital Signage
Content Management made simple


TV Republic enables you to design and schedule your monitors easily from the web, using your computer, tablet or smartphone.

It works on any screen ratio, and handles a large collection of file formats, including videos, presentations, YouTube and more!


DIY content management

use and re-use content

Upload your videos, images or Powerpoint presentations once and reuse it in different combinations in your playlists and schedules.

custom widgets

Build custom production dashboards or performance charts and link them directly into your playlists, or choose from an existing library of widgets to build ‘audience-capturing’ screens.


Rest assured that your content is protected by top-grade encryption, firewall and industry standard security features.


Monitor your devices

see what’s playing

See what is playing on your devices directly from your user web interface.

change settings

Remotely manage your media player’s settings, update schedules and playlists centrally.

updates on the cloud

Seemless updates through the cloud ensures you are always running the latest and most up-to-date software packed full of features.

Smart Store Integration

integrate signage and IoT

Trigger customer responses and interaction with your screens through proximity and movement sensors.

provide the full omni-channel experience

Need a custom dynamic price-board, chart or something else? Upload and use your own widgets, or use one of ours!

Enterprise TV

go beyond email and keep your workforce informed

With the TVR platform, management can communicate key messages and data to the right person, at any time.

building your own private TV network has never been so easy.

An evolution in enterprise communications that goes beyond the traditional approach of email & corporate intranets.


how it works

centrally managed in the cloud

Your account exists in the Cloud. No need for expensive server hardware.

media players download content locally

Content is downloaded to the media players so you are ensured of content playback even if your media player temporarily goes ‘off the grid’

register and get started right away

No paperwork overload. Just register your account online, specify your payment details and start using the system immediately.


Getting Started

TV Republic comes standalone, or packaged with several solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Best of all, you can order it all online! Click the link below to get started.